Personal responsibility


All phenomena are dependant on causes and conditions and therefore nothing in the world we perceive has come into existence by itself. Everything is in dependence from and to others. This realisation of dependence in our existence should lead us to non-violence and personal responsibility.


We all are with our actions and our existences an indispensable part of a web that we all inevitably create through our deeds.  Consequently all our actions have a corresponding impact on everyone else and also on ourselves.


Since we create the conditions through our own actions, we cannot delegate the responsibility to anyone else. We are personally responsible for all our actions. 


The effect of any completed action cannot be undone.


The Buddha first analysed our world and its laws. With this knowledge he developed a way of practice that allows every individual to work with its own mind. Through growing insight and wholesome behaviour one can therefore overcome suffering. It is a path of complete personal responsibility and even a Buddha can only give us advice for this path. It is entirely up to us to use this advice accordingly. In the teachings of the Buddha there is no holy God at the centre, who serves as the cause or aim for actions of people. It is our own insight and awareness alone, which determine our actions.


Wisdom and compassion are the guidelines for this path. We can remind ourselves continually that beneficial deeds can put us and the whole world into a beneficial direction.






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